It does not matter if you are a Dominant/submissive, Top/bottom or in a conventional relationship; The SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual) principles should be a guide to any relationship, role-play and activities. Image derivative of Alex Pappajohn SpreaderBar2 

Safe or Safety

Both parties would be well informed of any risks involved. There would always be attempts made before undertaking any activity, to identify and or prevent risks to a person’s health. This can be psychological or physical. A type of risk assessment is undertaken by each individual involved. Once considered safe by both parties, a discussion and agreement on a safe word would be paramount.


Activities or role-play should always be undertaken in a sane, sensible, calm and well balanced frame of mind. Alcohol and anger would definitely impair decision making processes. The activity would be considered by both parties as an alternative type of sex and not something that they do not fully understand or accept as sane.


Both parties are of sound mind and are able to give consent. There is a preliminary consent to engage in activities, built on a full understanding of the activity and any risks. A safe word would be in place to stop activities, coupled with the right to say no. Full consent at all times is required by both parties.


What is safe sane and consensual to one couple may be interpreted as something else by another. The three common principles are just that, a set of principles to be built on and defined by the people using them. Risk assessment is a must when engaging in any kind of activity. If we bring someone else into our activities, we need assess and trust them. We need to make sure that they are committed and able to uphold the agreed set of principles.  In the BDSM community individuals rights and safety are fiercely respected and protected. The right to say no is a safe-word that breaks all agreements and can return everything to a vanillas world at the drop of a hat.

In short, always keep your self engaged in safe, sane and consensual settings, but as a footnote, you also need to be aware of the laws and legal requirements of your state, territory or country before you engage in any sexual act.


Be safe, be you, stay true and always be your real self.


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